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Our Story

becca levy and tyler parcell

We met on Becca's birthday in the Fall of 2015 when Tyler decided to crash her birthday party. Tyler first saw Becca under the Eiffel Tower at the Kings Island amusement park. According to Tyler, it was love at first sight. We attended the same university, The University of Cincinnati, and very quickly Tyler found Becca on Facebook and sent her a friend request. From that point on, he was determined to make Becca his girlfriend.

We began our relationship on December 20th, 2015 and it has been the greatest journey of our lives. We came from different backgrounds, religions, states, and cultures. Nevertheless, we share an indescribable determination to make the world a better place. Our values, our humor, our goals have always aligned; tying us to each other like a chemical bond.

Eventually, Tyler graduated from UC with a degree in Computer Engineering, and Becca wished to return home to New York in order to make her educational equity dreams a reality. We moved to New York in the Winter of 2017 and while we have moved around often, we have made the East Village our permanent NYC home.

Becca soon graduated with her degree in Adolescent Education and has been able to work in both politics and teaching. She now works at a prestigious NYC public school where she teaches her students about class injustice across the United States. Tyler now works at Google as a software engineer, self-actualizing his childhood dream. When we settle down, we hope to move to Pennsylvania, a state halfway between Ohio and New York where we can mix our urban and rural backgrounds.


Together we have built the life we have dreamed, and we are so grateful to have you be a part of it.


welcome to our wedding!

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